Whole Cooked Lobster 400g (Frozen) reduced to £3 instore at Tesco

Whole Cooked Lobster 400g (Frozen) reduced to £3 instore at Tesco

LocalFound 26th Jan 2017
Whole Cooked Lobster was £6 now reduced to Clear at £3, in the freezer section at Tesco, Horncastle.
Full prep & cooking instructions included too!
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if it's cooked why does it come with prep and cooking instructions?

Heat added, hopefully they have some in 30 min
when I go shopping after work.
Still several in Tesco Salisbury too. Cheers.
Also seen reduced lobster tails in Tesco Swindon, think they were around £2
I bought 2 yesterday at £3 each this is what they are worth really, for the size, £6 original price was far too much. The better deal is the small Prawn Ring reduced to £2 from £4 . The Lobster Tails were not reduced From £10 at that time.(£2 would be a sensible price)
The Large Prawn Ring at £10 was not reduced either at that time . Hopefully there will be further sensible reductions in the next week
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