Whole cucumber 45p @ CoOp

Whole cucumber 45p @ CoOp

Found 8th Feb
At my local coop same price at major supermarkets
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Thanks brought 10 to sell on ebay
One for the salad munchers
Cool, my GF's gonna have a good time tonight
better when frozen.
Thanks for share, does cucumber not
Always cost around 40-50p .. happy cucumbers day
Is it a big one?
Thanks brought 10 to sell on ebay
And she want me to buy her a rabbit for 40£
richziller3 m ago

Thanks brought 10 to sell on ebay

Legendary comment
The coop salad and fruit lasts longer and is better quality than other supermarkets better value well i think so
​Actually I will vouch for that. Brought some of thier wonky carrots and they lasted alot longer than even Sainsburys ones
50p in Tesco... hot.
richziller8th Feb

Thanks brought 10 to sell on ebay

Is it free postage or do you charge for postage
Thanks OP.
I love eating cucumbers, I’d happily eat half a one at a go.
Please don’t let the negative votes put you off posting deals again.
Is the "w" in the title a typo?
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