Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
Whole Salmon (half price) - £4/Kilo @ Asda (Pork/Gammon/Beef also reduced)
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Whole Salmon (half price) - £4/Kilo @ Asda (Pork/Gammon/Beef also reduced)

Posted 21st Mar 2013

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Started today. From the fish counter. No closing date on the offer; small print says "while stocks last"

Rather than separate posts, they also have on offer:

Pork Leg Joint ("hand-scored for perfect crackling") - £3/Kilo
15-day matured beef roasting joint - £4.97/Kilo
Unsmoked gammon joint (2.3Kg - serves 10) - £10 (£4.35/Kilo)

Don't forget the whole leg of lamb at £4/Kilo (already posted by rosecaitlin)
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Went to mine today, they sold out by 1pm, will hopefully be having more in tomorrow. First thing in the am i'll pop in to grab a couple, average price per whole Salmon has been £10. Heated
hope they still have some left when I go after work
Asda won't fillet it for you like other supermarkets.

Asda won't fillet it for you like other supermarkets.

confirmed , i asked the last time they had this deal
There was quite a few whole salmon when I was in my local Asda (Robroyston) earlier. Prices varied from around £9 (2.25 kilos) to just under £12 (2.9 kilos).
they won't fillet, correct!

I bought 2 in the last offer, did it myself, never again.
A whole salmon pumped with anti biotics and colouring to make it pink as it will never have seen any krill in its lifetime
I bought this yesterday. Was looking for Sea Bream, but bought a 2k Salmon instead. Tastes very nice.
quality > quanitity
Morrisons or Tesco will fillet the salmon for you if asked when bought instore.
i know Whole Salmon (half price) - £4/Kilo @ Asda (Pork/Gammon/Beef also reduced) BUT WHAT ABOUT POOR HORSE COME ON IT IS BLOODY EASTER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HORSE STEAK PLZ
Been to Asda and am very disappointed the server on the fish counter could not fillet the salmon for me so had to do without as am unable to do this myself
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