Whole Sea Bream Half Price £2.00 @ Tesco
Whole Sea Bream Half Price £2.00 @ Tesco

Whole Sea Bream Half Price £2.00 @ Tesco

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Lovely steamed with spring onions, ginger soy sauce and a little olive oil.



£4 online still

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Definitely still £2 instore. I bought 8 today.

Same price in Morrisons

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From past experience, the Morrisons Sea Bream are a lot smaller.

If I buy one will you come round and cook it for me, sounds delicious.

Bought one the other week at asda for £2 cooked it in garlic butter in its own little steamer bag in the oven, I will say one thing though very tasty flesh but its absolutely full of bones, loads of them and really sharp too, its put me off of buying Sea Bream again!


GF just bought five back from local store and decent size but stupid fishmonger made a pigs ear of preparing them

GF asked for heads / tails off / gutting & scaling. All the woman did was cut heads off and de-scale so now I have to gut 5 fish and de-fin them. Nice!

EDIT: Just opened them and they havent even been de-scaled either. just filleted one fish and we will need two fish each! about 100g per fish after filleting so £20 per KG effectively. A complete waste of money imho. They smell pretty bad as well.

Little wonder most people dont buy whole fish.

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