Whole sides of scottish salmon half price@morrisons!

Whole sides of scottish salmon half [email protected]!

Found 13th Nov 2009Made hot 16th Nov 2009
Normally £8.28/ kg so quite a good deal.
This offer starts on the 16th.


I wish these were BEAR caught like in the picture, I would pay extra for that!


I wish these were BEAR caught like in the picture, I would pay extra for … I wish these were BEAR caught like in the picture, I would pay extra for that!

Who wants a salmon with a great big bite out of it and pay extra.:?

Just adding heat to this as it is an amazing deal.
I'm a fishmonger at Morrisons and this morning I sold 4 of these, so it looks like its going to be a popular deal.
Just remember that it applies to WHOLE sides of salmon fillet. Not just 1 or 2 fillet portions. Your fishmonger should be willing to skin, half or cut your whole side however you like, as long as you still buy the whole side.
These have not been previously frozen so you can pop these in the freezer to use over the Christmas period.
Oh and a whole side is typically about 2kg, so they will cost about £7 or £8 roughly. Absolute bargain.

Oh yeah, and the offer ends on Sunday.

Don't forget quid-roe lol


Don't forget quid-roe lol

this deal sounds fishy to me ... Dont get a monk(fish) on and go to Asda or Sainsburys for your Salmon, as Morrisions is the plaice to be :thumbsup:.

Good Cod almighty, enough with the fish jokes...:roll:

Offer Also on at TESCO

I give up on Morrisons.
The branches that I have been to in london are useless. Staff don't know about offers, nothing is ever in stock and half of the items do not have price tags on them.

The Morrison's out of town seem to be run a lot better.

You don't need to be a brain sturgeon to see this is a good deal.
just make sure, when they weigh it, that the scales are accurate!

Skate along to Morrisons plaice and get yourself a catch!

i actually caught a wild salmon in Alaska and had it for dinner that was the best! just had to share that! lol!

OMG enough with the fish jokes, they are seriously driving my plaice-nce.

Awesome deal picked 2kg up this morning. Got some on the grill and the rest in the freezer

I'll be heading out to get some of this tomorrow morning,i love salmon and usually buy it every week from the fresh fish van that comes round here every wednesday.

Hot,hot hot!

Is this farmed or caught ?

I bought from makro at 6.29 a kilo.
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