Whole Sweet Corn Cobs 20p each @ Morrisons

Whole Sweet Corn Cobs 20p each @ Morrisons

Found 23rd Sep
Just come back from Morrisons in Cwmbran and they have Whole Sweet Corn Cobs still in the husk on offer at 20p each . Not a reduced item so likely to be national , plenty available , varying sizes,


Saw yesterday so must be national.

Also they were doing 5 very large corn cobs for £1.50.

Wow great find! Wish I had time to go to my local, my daughter loves sweetcorn so I try to put it anything and everything. I can't get down to Morrisons till Monday though,I'm getting ready for work CRY
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these always taste nicer than the pre-packed ones heat added.

Gots some yum yum.

Had them in Swansea too. Great price

The manure I put on my Allotment for my sweetcorn cost more than this.

Still know which one I would prefer...
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