Whopper Meal (Whopper/Med Fries/Med Drink) £3.99 w/ Burger King App

Whopper Meal (Whopper/Med Fries/Med Drink) £3.99 w/ Burger King App

LocalFound 21st Jul 2017
Seems a great price, however app is required. Free download in order to get your code.
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Can be had cheaper ( £2.80 odd ) if you fill out survey on receipt . buy something from pound menu or the 50p sundae from the app. rinse and repeat
Edited by: "Munkee" 21st Jul 2017
No good for my local who has not changed the bag in boxes in months because they meant to be closing soon so you can only have bottled water or fruit shoot , the recent whooper and med fries for £2.99 was a better deal for me
Would you like ice in your drink?
My app shows Whopper and small fries for £1.99 so it's just an OK deal. Still two quid for the drink.

Would you like ice in your drink?

Didn't ask me about that, but the diet coke was so watered down already!

Family had 2 whopper meals and bacon double cheeseburger and fries. Whopper meals supposed to have medium fries but I'm sure there was no difference in size to the small fries included with bacon double cheeseburger. Drink was 0.4L, probably better off getting the Whopper meal and small fries for £2 x2.

Also ordered a extra medium fries but they never gave them, had a Sundae for 50p which was good value.
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