Why Always Me?  T Shirt - £12.75 plus postage @ Subside Sports

Why Always Me? T Shirt - £12.75 plus postage @ Subside Sports

Found 25th Oct 2011
Use Voucher OCT15T

Also available, 'why always them?'
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your number 19 is clearly up side down????
plastic premiership teams

(and no, i'm not a United fan! )
City are giving the world new options, for those people that used to follow Liverpool in the 80s, Man U in the 90s then Chelski... glory hunters are free to support City now! .. although they still can't fill their stadium...
Ha, I like

Ha, I like

Can't think why...
I'm no Citeh fan, but Balotelli is the most interesting story in the premiership....not a hot deal, but def a legendary football shirt!
Hargreaves is injured again with a calf injury

[image missing]

United got Trashed like ragdolls!

It seemed like I was watching Barca playing last week.
You could hate at Balotelli all you like, fact is his a 100 times better than the overated Rooney who manages to score all his goals by penalties.

I remember a few years ago Man U fans when stating Rooney was better than C.Ronaldo, what a load of old tosh that was.

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come on city
Don't overate the guy more than he already overates himself!

His head is big enough already
Ballotelli will implode sooner or later.

Just like Tevez.
Why Always Me? - Because you are Mario Balotelli and you are a complete and utter idiot.

Shouldn't this be a bib instead of a t-shirt anyway?!
Was this a question for his shrink?
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