Why Does E=mc2? - £3.99 at Amazon - Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw

Why Does E=mc2? - £3.99 at Amazon - Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw

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Might appeal to some of you.
Co-written by Brian Cox who recently presented the BBC2 series Wonders Of The Solar System

Description from Amazon:

To get at the origins of E=mc2, the poster-child for Einsteins's special theory of relativity, [Cox and Forshaw] must delve into deep principles of science and wield a good deal of mathematics. They do it well...They have blazed a clear trail into forbidding territory, from the mathematical structure of space-time all the way to atom bombs, astrophysics and the origin of mass. --The New Scientist

"The authors do a great job of answering the question in the book's title, and of tying it to the cutting edge of 21st century physics. But they do much more besides. First, they give a real sense of revelation as the
equation emerges from the seemingly unrelated concepts of space and time. Second, they're not afraid to take on questions often asked about the equation." --BBC Focus Magazine

Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, two physicists, have managed to produce an account of relativity physics accessible to a wide range of various publics. If you're not a physicist (or not yet a physicist) and you want to understand what Einstein and relativity theory are all about, you would do well to read this book. The writing is clear, sparkling in places, and totally without vanity. Relativity theory, Einstein's supreme gift to us, is at the heart of the way science currently looks at physical reality, and anyone with an adventurous mind should be intrigued by what two smart physicists say about it in plain language... Read this book. It's your world, isn't it? --The Huffington Post


Not my field, would only give me a headache. But it's a good price, so heat added.

same price @ play for quidco. anyone read this? i like brian coxs' tv and 6music stuff but worry this might be a bit too deep for me. even that bbc focus magazine review leaves me a bit confused!

Had this recommended to me recently and still had it sitting in my Amazon basket for £5.50, so thanks.

Very good book, goes into a lot of depth but without being overwhelming. Entirely fascinating.

Popular science books - D:

this is an EPIC book, fantastic post.

yes this is a great read, but even though supposedly in "simple" terms, it can be heavy going at times. Not if you're interested in physics though ;p

Trivia: Physicist Brian Cox was previously in the band D:Ream, who are most famous for the single "Things Can Only Get Better".

Thanks, always fancied trying to get my head around this.

Reading it right now, and I have to say it's a little disappointing.

I usually love books of this can't but this one is a bit, well....bland.

If this interest you, and you haven't read "Physics of the Impossible" by Michio Kaku, then grab of copy of that.

I'm torn between this and Kerry Katona's Too Much, Too Young - My Story of Love, Survival and Celebrity.


I'm torn between this and Kerry Katona's Too Much, Too Young - My Story … I'm torn between this and Kerry Katona's Too Much, Too Young - My Story of Love, Survival and Celebrity.


This is a great book, and at this price a bargain :thumbsup:

I had recently read David Bodanis E=MC2 and thought that was very enlightening.

It breaks is down to each character and explains in laymans terms what each ones stands for and how they reached it. It is however £2 more expensive than this version but I havent read this one.

Although I did enjoy Brian Cox's programmes recently on the beeb. Wonder if he will narrate the audio book.

Like I said this is a great book, and brian cox explains the science well,
the series on tv "Wonders of The Solar System" was excellent as well.

Blame my son for this link though, he thought was really funny

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