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Posted 11 November 2022

Wifi Connected Roomba i7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum - £479 delivered @ iRobot

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Wi-Fi-connected Robot Vacuum that learns your home and cleans when and where you want, even the specific area near your sofa.
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  1. Avatar
    Isn't Roomba an Amazon company now? Wouldn't like to give Amazon any more data about my home layout etc than they already have.
    Just move house every few months and have tin foil on subscribe and save
  2. Avatar
    How often do you have to change the dust bags ? Are they expensive to change ? Can you use without them ?
    They’re not cheap, but I’ve not filled it in a year (no pets) and it’s still got room: you could cowboy it by cutting the top then using binder clips.
  3. Avatar
    can you add no go zones on the app with this?
    Yep, temporary or long term ones! (Such as Christmas only, or all year round). Also have a physical barrier laser!
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    Kind of reminds me about this guy from Wall-E...
  5. Avatar
    Paid £599 last year. Been fantastic, for this price it's a steal. It's amazing how much easier it makes life doing the day to day work so you only have to worry about it when doing deep cleans.
  6. Avatar
    I got one of these a few months ago when it was discounted £649. Been pretty impressed with it so far. Annoyed I didn't wait a bit now though!
    I bought this one today. I bought i5+ last month but that had to be returned as i5+ cannot join a 5GHz Wi fi network.
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    This is legit, amazing value, just bought
  8. Avatar
    Can these pick up larger objects like a cheerio, or will they clog it?
    It picks up enough pieces of my daughter's Sylvanian Families that I think cheerios will be no challenge for it.
  9. Avatar
    How did they get to call themselves iRobot like the will smith film iRobot?
    They also invented a time machine and went back to found their company 14 years before the film came out
  10. Avatar
    The cats round here are self emptying, usually in our garden. For that reason… I’m out!
    It's a Robot vacuum... It's not supposed to mow your lawn!
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    This makes a lovely cuppa tea too
  12. Avatar
    This or Roborock S7?
    I have this and it’s been fantastic, faultless. Softwares great and hovering has been good.

    You can buy a mop version from iRobot to go round after the i7… I think trying to cram it all into one device is a little JML.
  13. Avatar
    Ordered. Now best place to put the toilet roll holder...
  14. Avatar
    Its a great robot vacuum cleaner. We've not had any problems with it.

  15. Avatar
    how does it do the stairs?
    It obviously doesn't as explained during the 'Downsides' in the video above.
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    Was hoping to get the XiaoMi one that dose both vacuuming and mopping. But they don’t seem to sell
    that in the UK (edited)
    The mop function is rubbish on them like.  I have a roborock and it’s just pointless and all it success in doing is wetting the floor.

    bought from Aliexpress came from Spain in a few days.  As a vacuum it’s pretty good though. 
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    I got a refurbed i7 a year or so ago now and can’t fault it, didn’t get the clean base at the time and emptying it every other day has a been a little annoying, so would recommend getting a self emptying one.  

    The clean base separately is usually £399! (Rip off) but is down to £239 in this sale so just picked one up! Thanks OP!
  18. Avatar
    Anyone have the m6 mop? I was toying with getting it to complement the vacuum - but I've seen mixed reviews. It's on offer as well at the moment.
  19. Avatar
    Just ordered. Looking at all of the reviews - the i7+ at this price point, feels like a no brainer
  20. Avatar
    Just ordered one, 4.2% TCB as well…
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    Are these good on hard wood floors & tiles too? Also have door mats and a kitchen carpet/rug on middle x
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    Price matched on Amazon now
    There’s topcashback when direct
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    Expired now