Wiggle summer sale 10% off orders over £50,20% off orders over £100
Wiggle summer sale 10% off orders over £50,20% off orders over £100

Wiggle summer sale 10% off orders over £50,20% off orders over £100

For all you fellow bikers out there.Wiggle have a summer sale on (runs throughout July).Any orders over £50 will have 10% deducted at the checkout and any orders over £100 will have 20% deducted.There are already of the very best cycling retailers on the web with very good prices and excellent service.Applies to all products except bikes and frames.They accept Paypal too.


Have you used this Company yourself?

I've used this company personally to buy a bike and they gave me 10% of the value of the goods in free accessories. There prices are exactly the same as all the other big online bike sellers but they include delivery in the price of the bike and there customer services is very good too.

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Have you used this Company yourself?

Many times mate.Never had any problems at all with them.Free delivery on most items,Fast professional service and helpful customer support.Right up there with Chain Reaction in my experience.Bought a stack of original Specialized inner tubes from them a couple of weeks ago and even before any sale discount they were virtually half what I had previously paid at my local Specialized dealer.Paid with some spare cash I had on my Paypal account and had them in 3 days.:thumbsup:

Cheers for the replies.:thumbsup:

You can also get a free pair of sunglasses worth £25, plus the 10% discount if you order £50 or more.

Please pm if you would like me to refer you.


Just received an order from them and its missing the cassette that I ordered. In the past I had problems with wiggle. I ordered a chain and it didn't come with the link. I asked them to send the link but they wouldn't. I had to return the chain and get refunded and order the chain again. A lot of hassle considering they could have just sent out a link in an envelope. Now they've forgotten to send the cassette I ordered yet the invoice says its meant to be in the box. To be honest I think wiggle are complete ****. I think I've done 2 orders with chain reaction and those orders were perfect. I needed a few things for various bikes and the 20% off was irresistable but now I've got hassle again with them.

I've used them just last week - very good service and the items came when they should have done. Highly recommended.
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