Wii aqua panic game half price @ Toys R Us - £7.49

Wii aqua panic game half price @ Toys R Us - £7.49

Found 18th Oct 2010
£19.99 - Gamestation
£17.99 - Game
£11.49 - Amazon

A giant cyclone has been created and sucked up millions of fish from the ocean, creating a huge ecological disaster! Water tanks are assembled all over the world to help rescue all the seal life and get them safely back home in the ocean.

When the sea creatures begin to fall back down to Earth, it’s your responsibility to make sure they land quickly and safely. Try out a variety or tools such as, bombs, fishing nets, fans and freezers, all to help you get the job done.

Wii Aqua Panic has over 80 levels with different environments including spring, summer, autumn, winter and inferno. Choose from three different modes such as, Adventure, Free Play and Survival.
Age 7+

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