Wii at Play again with Wii Sports
Wii at Play again with Wii Sports

Wii at Play again with Wii Sports

Buy forBuy forBuy for£179.99
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Wii's instock again @ 179.99


...and specifies WITH Wii Sports unlike GAME


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yeah, I got too excited to add it!!

GO for it people before they sell out!!! :viking:

i ordered one, cancelled it because i forgot quidco, then i reodered it with quidco for £7. :oops:

Hay will american wii games work on the UK wii's?

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yeah, they do work with american games, and that was a big risk Civic!!

From what I remember they are region locked so no they wouldn't....or i might be wrong then

Yes! I got my order in

Thank you very much OP :thumbsup:

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no probs yeti, respect

How come, in case i couldnt reoder you mean?

Read this "Dying for a Wii"



yeah, they do work with american games, and that was a big risk Civic!!

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yeah, incase they went out of stock!

I saw that dying for a wii on Reg, how painful!!

Out of Stock!!

I went to order one and it said in stock to start with then when i got through the sign up process it said out of stock when i went to checkup

Sold Out Now!

Keep checking because that is the second batch they have done in the last hour

I got one wahoo . . . thanks


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I'm so pathetic, I just took a screenshot of this on the front page because it's my first front page deal!!!

Out of stock all ready!!!!!!!!

back in stock now!

In stock again!!!

this is pathetic and ridiculous, out again.

Out of stock again :-(

But keeping checking - might be back in a few minutes

Your right this is mad, but keep checking!

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I think people are releasing them from their baskets...

Ha Ha just had to laugh...

..but Many Thanks goes out to Play.com for putting numerous Wii's on order, and staggering them for fun


I think people are releasing them from their baskets...

Well i hope so and thats its not their website playing up cos i didn't get mine until the 2nd batch? Maybe there doing it to stop their checkout part of the website from crashing??? I don't get it!

Anyone know long these guys take to deliver usually ???

Ordered mine 10 mins ago yipeeee. But this is the third time i've tried in the last couple of hours hopefully order shall be processed this time.

About a week, they are a really good company, been using them for years... wish i had the money for one of these

Pretty quickly from what I remember but then I haven't used them for a little while...

i'm guessing 2-3 days

I got one!!!! Says usually dispatched within 24 hours!

BTW thanks for the tip - means I should have a great birthday!

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remember and give respect to the OP...

I dont think you get Quidco for consoles

"Please read the following before proceeding:

Cashback does not apply to console sales, such as Playstations, X-boxes, etc or playtrade items. However all other hardware including console controllers and leads are still valid for cashback."

Thats what is on the quidco web site.


"Items that are in stock are usually dispatched within 24 hours by First Class mail and delivery usually then takes 3–5 working days."

Many thanks to the OP. Rep left! Cheers :thumbsup:

Erm.... is voting it hot the same as leaving rep?

If not, you'll have to let me know how and then I'll be happy to leave rep.

Guys just spoke play..consoles from today are probably pre-orders they are still supplying orders from october..they had a delivery today but the only way they can deliver them to back orders is to tell the system they are in stock..hence they appear on the website..i had one ordered and called to check hopefully they get more but i was told if i ordered one today i probably wont get it...

sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I just saw this message from someone on another board, posted 4 minutes ago...

Just rang play.com regarding my order as I had to use a different address.

They have told me that there stock was placed on the internet by mistake, and there will be no Wii's delivered to people who have ordered today!

This is after sending a confirmation email out to everyone saying we would be getting it...
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