Wii available now @ Littlewoods - £259
Wii available now @ Littlewoods - £259

Wii available now @ Littlewoods - £259

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Wii + Wii play available now @ Littlewoods


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Available on 1 years interest free credit, online or phone 08705991111 item number PI21819

these items are direct from manufacturer and they never stock them. I ordered ds lite last year in september and had 9 different delivery dates and then i cancelled. Last one being Feb 07.:giggle:

Also had the same with every other item direct from manufacturer too. (sun loungers, games etc) wouldn't rely on these.

Delivery within 20 weeks. May not have it for Xmas.

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I phoned up and got delivery in 2 weeks!


I phoned up and got delivery in 2 weeks!

They are just quoting what it says estimate from the website. Trust me they will not have them. Ask if they are direct from manufacturer and you will get the answer from them "yes"

It showed as in stock on wednesday night too saying "delivery in 3 weeks" :lol: so its not in stock then


It showed as in stock on wednesday night too saying "delivery in 3 weeks" … It showed as in stock on wednesday night too saying "delivery in 3 weeks" :lol: so its not in stock then

My ds lite last year showed as in stock and i received lots of letters saying "sorry there has been a delay". I ordered in september in time for christmas and then the last time i got a letter it was delivery estimated feb 07. I actually spoke to the manager and complained about this saying that they advertise stuff that they do not have. They virtually said do you want to cancel and that was that. My console was delivery within two weeks and 14 weeks later still no sign although they still advertised on their site as in stock

its cheaper at littlewoods direct, order a wii and wii play for £206.10 after using 10% off code, very happy

wouldn't touch anything from Littlewoods i'm affraid. More hassle than its worth & too much money!

Ihave had loads of problems with great universal too .
I ordered xbox and PS3 (ps3 kept changing delivery dates ,waited 6 weeks and then told them to cancel it )
Now they keep telling me my account for the x box is in arrears !!
I only recieved it 9th Oct -they ask for a payment before i got it and then immedietly after i got it (what happened to 14 days to decide if keeping ??) .
I paid them anyway what they ask for £18.56 , then i paid them £20 4 weeks later thinking i was getting in front (payments i was told first of all were £18.56 per 4 weeks , then they said £20 and now its £22 !!??)
Anyway as i have made 2 payments in around 7 weeks i should not be in arrears -but this morning got a letter saying i am £57 in arrears !!
I have phoned them over 34 times to sort this out -they are trying to charge me for the PS3 -which they know was cancelled.
I did''nt even get it and have to send it back !
I cannot get it through to them i cannot be in arrears -added to this the account/catalogue is in my brothers name and he is getting the statements and falling out with me as they have said i owe them money .
He has also spoke to them -yet he is still getting letters saying i owe £57 in arrears .
Its driving me insane !
I will NEVER buy anything from a catalogue ever again.

Could this deal be any colder?

As for buying from catalogues – I’d rather sell my a55 to the sailors in Pompey before I’d shell my money out to scumbags like Littlewoods.

Great universal too - all bloody rude and unhelpful -not to mention THICK !

Just has been! Crooks.

Littlewoods are crooks. Avoid.

what was the code for 10%?
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