Wii Battle Of The Bands £9 @ Simply Games
Wii Battle Of The Bands £9 @ Simply Games

Wii Battle Of The Bands £9 @ Simply Games

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1st post, so hopefully not been listed already. Please be kind.

Battle Of The Bands for the Wii only £9, got some half decent reviews as well.


Image and description for you:

Battle of the Bands is the ultimate music rhythm game exclusively on Wii. The story is set in a fictitious world gone mad, where bands battle for music supremacy using weaponised instruments. Featuring 30 licensed tracks from today's hottest bands that can each be played in 5 different music genres (Rock, Country, Marching Band, Hip Hop and Ranchero) with 70 special weapons and attacks.

In each game, a song will be played in one genre for about 10 to 15 seconds and then another, flipping back and forth. Points are earned by beat-matching, and successive matches will automatically launch quirky weapons such as smoke bomb, land mine and flip out. The more points earned, the more the music will be played in the player's genre. The game can be played in versus mode, perfect for social and party game setting, or in adventure mode where player set out to battle bands of other genres one by one.

* 5 genres, 11 bands, 30 songs and 70 weapons!
* Prove your favourite music genre is better than opponents
* Battle to the top of the charts with an array of weaponised instruments
* Feel the rhythm by swinging the Wii Remote in synchronisation with different music melodies
* Hit the notes and turn the song into your style of music
* Over 30 songs recorded in 5 different styles (rock, hip hop, country, marching band and mariachi) for a total of 150 tracks
* Go deep in single-player mode taking on futuristic bands leading to the ultimate Big Boss battle

Gets absolutely slated in some reviews and OK bit of fun in others?!?!?! Anyone got this so we can find out which is right? Still I think for £9 its got to appeal to someone so Im voting hot, welcome to HUKD and thanks for sharing the deal!

Loved this game
And at this price? no whining - just buy it

I paid nearly full for it
no regrets

If people stopped buying these lazy developed Wii titles, maybe the 3rd parties would actually put some effort into their games.

Doubt they are clearing much profit if shops can sell so low???

any idea how much the trade in value at game is for it?

Probably 20p :whistling:...... CEX are supposed to be better arent they??

Original Poster

CeX give £10 exchange so if you don't like it you have this option. They also offer £7 cash
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