wii bundles in stock delivered from £263.94 upwards (4 bundles in stock)
wii bundles in stock delivered from £263.94 upwards (4 bundles in stock)

wii bundles in stock delivered from £263.94 upwards (4 bundles in stock)

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4 bundles in stock at comet.good luck


Thanks, it's a pretty decent deal!

£263.94 including delivery.

I was in such a hurry that I forgot to use Quidco!

cheers craig-uk, fantastic deal !

Just ordered mine and through quidco

Arriving Wednesday fingers crossed. Im so fed up of looking, finally sorted !


Working now!

Got one at last!,hopefully delivered Tuesday.Thanks for the find craig-uk.

Think the wii is not in stock anymore. ive clicked on link and it cant find the page.


Anyone recieved their Wii today or yesterday from Comet?

I'm a little concerned that the tracking page for my order still says:

"Order status
Your order has been taken and is waiting to be dispatched."

...when it's supposed to be delivered today.

hey odie, Ive got mine down for tomorrow (Wed). Its showing the same as yours! I would give them a call if I was you. Typical if we dont get a delivery, I'll be on that phone straight away. :?

Ive found a non 0870 number for Comet Home/Internet Shopping. 01482 592570 if you fancy calling them? Im going to later should the status not change.

I couldnt wait any longer so gave them a call. They said that everything was down for tomorrow and it would be parcelforce delivering? Let me know if you get yours today Odie?!

Mine has indeed arrived, delivered yesterday by Amtrack. They were a day late because the driver couldn't find the address! - I only found out when I personally chased up the local depot after Comet told me that the online tracking said a delivery attempt was made and a card was left (it most certainly was not).

The only question now is whether to attempt to claim a postage refund as they delivered a day late, although I think the fact that Amtrack's tracking says they left a card (they didn't) may make it difficult.

just called 01482 592570 Thurs 11.27 adn they don't have a clue as to when they will be getting any in apparently

I must of been the lucky one then. Had my delivery on Wednesday the agreed day, by Amtrak. Courier company's seem to be renown for saying they have put a card through the door when they haven't. I managed to complain against Citylink and get a refund as they found out the driver had been having extended lunch breaks and couldn't be bothered to work on! Anyways Im pleased with my Wii and consider myself lucky to get one.

so what's the key here? call 01482 592570 ?

I also called Johnlewis online adn they are expecting 150 on the 11th, but they have a backlog of 1500! so there's no chance there then.

the key? We ordered from Comet online (hence the posting) last week. They had a batch load in stock. I and others were able to grab one quick before they all went again. The telephone number was posted to ask if they were going to deliver ontime and not to place an order. Sorry :?

out of stock now
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