Wii Classic Controller £9.99 inc P+P

Wii Classic Controller £9.99 inc P+P

Found 28th Dec 2007
For anyone that has got a wii, and wants to play some of the retro games you can get the wii classic controller that plugs directly into the bottom of the wii-mote to give you wireless retro gaming :P

£9.99 is the cheapest I've seen it! [I don't know whether it is in stores as well - it's part of their New Years sale posted here: hotukdeals.com/tag/dea…m-/

DONT'T FORGET QUIDCO etc. If you want to save even more money your gamecube controllers will work with the classic games just as well and you can get them cheap ~ £5 from deal extreme... (already posted on HUKD)

Blurb: Over the years, Nintendo has innovated with controllers and control schemes that have become industry standards. The Classic Controller blends elements from Nintendo's NES, Super NES, and N64 controllers to allow for seamless play control over the titles that span the Virtual Console library.


was posted the other day.

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I searched before I posted and I couldn't find anything, I have just searched again and still can't find it - This definitely hasn't been posted before I've just triple checked!

However I don't like the search function on the new look site as it isn't very clear how the results are sorted [closeness to match or activity] etc. I thought the same thing about an earlier post on here about something else but couldn't find the original post I thought I had seen.
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