Wii Compatible Steering Wheel with Stand only £2.99 @ argos
Wii Compatible Steering Wheel with Stand only £2.99 @ argos

Wii Compatible Steering Wheel with Stand only £2.99 @ argos

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after buying mario kart for wii from morrisons(£19.99) i started to look for a cheap second wheel and found this one with stand for £2.99 its in stock and can de delivered. fantastic price im picking mine up tomorrow.

hope this helps someone too


hot good price and in stock cheers

weve got 2 of these, kids love them!

cold. can get it in pound shop as I saw yesterday.

with the stand as my friend said our poundshop only had the wheel part not the stand for it aswell.

not in stock in my part of town so not voting.

Its a stupid bit of plastic

Why are people buying this?!?

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cold. can get it in pound shop as I saw yesterday.

id like to go to your pound shop if you can get them with stand too.

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Its a stupid bit of plasticWhy are people buying this?!?

im getting one because it will make it easier for my kids and stop the arguing to use the wheel (we only have one)


i got one from poundshop and the controller keeps popping out of it, but for a £1 not bad, this looks much better quiality


ahh the argos site is down and only 5 left in my area

I got one of these from Argos a few weeks ago - I'd assumed they were local to my Argos and didn’t post!

The stand is absolutely worthless, i threw mine away. -BUT- the wheel is excellent. It appears to be exactly the same as the GAMEware Wii Wheel from Game (RRP 6.99, actually sells for 4.98) I actually prefer it to the genuine nintendo wheel since its really easy to use the wiimote as a pointer in the menus (you can just hold the middle)

So, HOT from me - strongly recommended!

This wheel sucks! I got two to go with my two ninty originals. The diference in design and quality is huge. I returned these cheap pieces of tat asap. Pay a bit more and get the original item.

Bought 2 of these several weeks ago. Good for the price. Hot from me !

I was in poundland yesterday and they had some (3rd party), if anyone has a poundland near them check there first. P

The Argos ones are great. Bought two for my 6 and 3 yr old. Both are now very adept and 6 yr old has now started coming in first when playing herself.

The best bit is the stand stops the kids wildly flailing their arms around which normally results in not actually turning the vehicle properly.

My 3 yr old son now asks to play the Wii, as he is now able to play something reasonably well, well that and Wii Sports Resort Sword fencing anyways.

Well worth it IMOO.


If anyone is serious about getting to grips with the controls on Mario Kart Wii, then any wheel sucks, official or not, nothing beats the nunchuk/remote combo.
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