Wii Component Cable - Better graphics from your Wii!

Wii Component Cable - Better graphics from your Wii!

Found 23rd Feb 2008
For only £3.02 ($5.78 inc delivery) you can upgrade the pathetic graphical output for your Wii provided that you have a TV with HD Component inputs, to 480p with the use of this great (unofficialy) cable.

If you are confused, this cable has the same outputs that was provided with the original Xbox 360 Premium, however it WILL NOT make the Wii output in HD, but the 480p output is still a significant increase compared with how the Wii usually looks, which is pretty terrible to be honest!

Note the free delivery! What a steal!


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And yes, it is my first post.

Good find.

Personally I found the official Nintendo component cable to give me a better image, but this is still a good price.

I ordered the following. Received it this week.


It's only a couple of pounds extra, and it appears a better build quality.

I bought one of these sometime ago and there is a slight improvement in pic quality (on hd lcd), nothing to write home about though. If I spent lots of money on it I would of been disappointed but since DX is cheap, and this isnt too bad.

I bought one a few months back, can't grumble really but have nothing to compare it against except for the stock cable. It prevents the colour bleed, and colours appear crisper, I would recommend this to anyone with a LCD TV

Just the thing for my new TV.

there's a video on youtube showing the difference between composite and component > uk.youtube.com/wat…q_k


Just the thing for my new TV.

Talk about resurecting an old thread....

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