Wii Console £159.99 In Store At WH Smith

Wii Console £159.99 In Store At WH Smith

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i no sainsburys have or did have at the same price! but whsmith mayb easy to find than a sainsburys that sell consoles.

Wii console £159.99 starts tommorow Friday 19th ends on sunday the 21st !!!!!
in selected stores only but im guessin that its the big ish stores that sell consoles


online for £169.99 too good deal voted hot

did you post this using your phone?

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no y ?


Saw this at the same price at Sainsburys yesterday.

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[QUOTE=Monday;4430279]Saw this at the same price at Sainsburys yesterday.[/QUOT

yea thats y i started off sayin it was the same price in sainsburys didnt no if that deal was still on tho :thumbsup:


Saw this at the same price at Sainsburys yesterday.

It's only £156.56 at Sainburys with VAT reduction:-D

What am I likely to find in my local Sainsbury's as regards stock levels. Methinks...out of stock!!

Actually guys Sainsbury’s is still the better deal as mentioned with the VAT cut; plus the Nunchuck's and Controllers are at least a few pounds less than anywhere else!

You can get a even better deal with another 10% staff discount :w00t: - If you happen to know someone who works for Sainsbury’s; If you can wait a few weeks I believe the Staff discount will be 15% during Easter!

I got my Wii from a smaller store which usually doesn't sell electrical items so you shouldn't have a problem getting them!

In the West Midlands I know the following stores have stock as part of their Entertainment Blitz:

Merry Hill
Oldbury (Savacentre)

Plenty more deals in store for example Wii Winter Sports for £12

It's Christmas All Over Again!!!

If any one’s worried about stock; phone around you local stores and you can get yours reserved!

I picked up one of these deals from WHsmith in Preston city centre today. They had 5 left when i purchased mine at half 3 so i assume they will still have some left tomorrow,

I know that not all WHsmith stores sell consoles so it might be best to ring ahead if anyone is going to pick one up,
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