Wii Console + Mario Galaxy + Smash Bros. Brawl £199.99 (instore)

Wii Console + Mario Galaxy + Smash Bros. Brawl £199.99 (instore)

Found 29th Aug 2008
OK this is my first post so go easy.
Currently Blockbuster have an offer where you can get a Wii Console + Wii Sports Party+ Mario Galaxy OR Smash Bros Brawl OR Mario & Sonic Olympics all for £199.99.
I went to Blockbuster with the intention of getting the deal with Mario Galaxy. However when i got to the till i was told that they didn't have any WIi Sports Party in stock and so I would have to choose Mario & sonic Olympics or Smash Bros instead so I chose Smash Bros and still only paid £199.99. Personally I think I got a bargain.
I'm gonna upload the receipt later on this evening hopefully.
This probably won't work if your local blockbuster has Wii Sports Party in stock but its probably worth giving them a ring and seeing if they'll do the same deal.
I got this deal in the Heswall Branch in the Wirral.


What is Wii Sports Party?

Nevermind I found it.

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Basketball (3 different games)
Lawn Darts
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