Wii Cooling Stand and Remote Charging Station (with Batteries)  @ Deal Extreme = £16.75

Wii Cooling Stand and Remote Charging Station (with Batteries) @ Deal Extreme = £16.75

Found 27th Mar 2009
- Comes with TWO rechargeable battery packs for Wii Remotes (2.4V Ni-MH 1200mAh)
- Powered by Wii's AC adapter (not by USB so that the batteries can be charged even when Wii is off)
- Cooling fan beneath the stand keeps your beloved Wii cool and thus prolong lifespan
- Dedicated cooling on/off switch
- Decorative LCD bars on both sides adds coolness to the stand

product code = sku 7173


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Same type of thing is cheaper on Amazon, made by Madcatz or play on.

good price, be warned some don't like deal extreme on here,

I got one that looks exactly like that as Ccontrol said, on amazon for £15

Whats a cooling station lol

i had one of these what a waste of time lasted a coouple of days then had to return. good idea if it worked
not going to vote either way sorry


Whats a cooling station lol

Keeps the machine cool via a fan, as they have a tendancy to get very hot when you are playing them for a while.

Mine works really well, although I like it for the fact it just keeps everything neat and tidy!

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and it charges your remotes while not in use

cold from me got it from amazon 4 £14.97
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