[Wii] ENDLESS OCEAN (FOREVER BLUE) - £15.99 or less @ Powerplaydirect

[Wii] ENDLESS OCEAN (FOREVER BLUE) - £15.99 or less @ Powerplaydirect

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Dive into tropical waters and discover the life aquatic, a life of nature, beauty and intrigue. In Endless Ocean, you are the guest of a tranquil sea filled with creatures so unique they must be experienced up-close.

More of an experience than a game of any sort, Endless Ocean gives you the freedom to explore underwater locations, searching for fish to photograph and place in your log, or simply take a relaxing swim among the inhabitants of the sea. You'll be able to directly interact with some species, using the Wii Remote to touch members of the undersea community. Come face-to-face with such animals as angelfish, penguins, walruses and dolphins. Whilst underwater, you can even find lost ruins and secret diving locations. The Wii Remote's pointer capabilities are used to navigate through most of the game, whether it's directing the ship to a location on a map or directing the diver which way to swim. When you want to interact with ocean life, you'll simply point at it and then press the A Button.

In addition to searching your vast waters, you can share Friend Codes with a friend and explore his or her sea via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Dive together and share in an adventure like no other.

Use the 50p discount voucher to bring the price down to £15.49
- dancrawley


Good price but wow that sounds like a boring game.

I think it will be one of those games you can't really judge until you try it...

This sounds very good for kids, it will look really good on my cinema screen the fish will be as big as the kids.lol

Thanks, i cancelled my other pre-order for 17.99 and got this one.

Sounds boring - but it is more of a lifestyle game. Not aimed at gamers - aimed at people who don't normally play games. This is why Wii outsells every other console.

"This is why Wii outsells every other console."

Agreed. Not everything nintendo produce should be jumpy, first-person, shoot-em-up's.

I might get it - sounds like a good late night / early morning chill-out game.

This game sucks

Use the code ]DISCOUNT1 to take 50p off the price - bringing it down to £15.49 - great price!

I've just cancelled my Gameplay preorder and saved £2.50 - cheers OP!

You can get a 2% discount too with PP-02-DISCOUNT and dont forget your 4% quidco!

this game got very good reviews

Good review @ CVG - ]here - it scored 8.8


Thanks ordered, this is not a Game for goodness sake why slag off something you have not played?

Good price, been thinking of getting this for a while. Thanks



Don't look now Steve but...


Great price for what is said to be a great game, thanks a lot.


Don't look now Steve but...:whistling:


Great price for an amazing chill-out game. I've been waiting for this and at this price you can't go wrong.

Originally Posted by Repo Don't look now Steve but...

:-D :lol:

Haha it's not a chill out game.


Excellent price!, it sounds fantastic for my boy who's only 3 but I think … Excellent price!, it sounds fantastic for my boy who's only 3 but I think will appreciate the colours and the fish etc. I struggle to find any games he could play as he likes to be involved like his big sis

Have you tried Cosmic Family? My two love it - they are 3 and 4 - and it is only £13.44 @ ]ASDA using the 10% discount code Ent10 - worth worth it in my opinion (just remember it is for v young children - probably suits 3-6 year olds best)


what kind of game is cosmic family?

i have a 2 & a 3 yr old, could they play at the same time?


This game sucks

And your reason for stating this is? Lowest review I have found is 8/10.
Perhaps you should play the game before making such a sweeping statement! :whistling:


danwhat kind of game is cosmic family?i have a 2 & a 3 yr old, could they … danwhat kind of game is cosmic family?i have a 2 & a 3 yr old, could they play at the same time?

Forever Blue looks fantastic and cant wait to get it.

However, Cosmic Family is terrible. My 4 yr old didnt take to it at all. Too repetitive, shoddy controls, silly "puzzles", no replay value and terrible presentation "both graphically and audibly" - overall very poorly executed. It is single player only.
If you must get it, rent it first.

Japanese version on Youtube...

Worth it for the music alone

:thumbsup: great one. Thanks OP. I have been waiting for this one to come out. My five year old daughter is going to love this. She really loves her sharks and things like that. Strange I know, but hey that's kiddies for ya. I darn't mention she is also a Rocky balboa fan hehehehe:whistling: :roll:

Has anybody ordered with powerplaydirect? do they ship on the date of release or before?

Rep added, nice deal,thank you.

Unbelievably, i have just recieved a email confirmation from powerplay to say that my game has been dispatched. I bought it for a xmas present for someone, emailed them just after xmas and they said they were out of stock. I thought i had cancelled it, but here they are, 5 months later, and theyve now dispatched it.

Forgot completely about it.
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