Wii fit - £69.99 @ amazon

Wii fit - £69.99 @ amazon

Found 21st Aug 2008
wii fit has been in stock a few times this morning, Ive just got one. Keep refreshing the page and hopefully if you are quick you will get one aswell


i managed to do this last night

In stock a few minutes ago again

yeah been like this since last night! they seem to add like two at a time.

I managed to bag one this morning being delivered tomorrow. Like the previous post says, they seem to be releasing one or two at a time just best to use 1 click ordering.

Don't know what all the coldness is for!

Worked for me when I finally put in the time to sit and hit refresh. Must use one-click ordering or you don't have a chance in hell in getting this Signed up for the free one-month trial of Amazon Prime as well so it should arrive tomorrow without a delivery charge. I'm well chuffed!

And if you've read this far a piece of advice - it seems like they're going on the site around the half hour mark, so start your refreshing at xx:20

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Thanks for that I dont know what all the coldness is for I was just trying to do people a favour.

not available now, new & used from£92.10

Great post thanks. i got one as you said and i've been looking for ages. Thanks.

In stock at the moment too, just ordered one
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