Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl - £97.98 + £5.98P&P @ Argos
Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl - £97.98 + £5.98P&P @ Argos

Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl - £97.98 + £5.98P&P @ Argos

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Argos currently have Wii Fit in stock although its tied to Super Smash Bros.


I've noticed that many places, such as Amazon Traders and Ebuyer and Pixmania all seem to try and sell Wii Fit on its own for way above the RRP of £69.99.

It's hard to get one except through chance at the normal retail price. This is a bargain because you get Super Smash Bros for around £27 which is close enough to the cheapest you can buy new anyway.

Super Smash Bros is the highest scoring Nintendo Wii game of all time (along with Galaxy) on Gamespot:

and you can probably sell it for a reasonable price if you've already got it.

Either way, it stops you from having to pay over £100 just for Wii Fit alone!!!



Awful deal - and that is a criticism of Argos, BTW. Terrible that they try and pry more money from punters. Why not have the option to purchase each one separately, and have the offer as well?

Voted cold.

delivery is 5.95 btw and cutargos some slack this credit crunch has hit them bad. (only saying it cus i work for em and not getting many hours)

Companies do this to guarantee more sales, as I know rare items can be hard to get hold of and sometimes require to pay over the odds to acquire them.

Also, some companies are aware that people buy them for resale, which they don't obviously like, as the retailer makes all the effort in getting hold of the stock, only for someone to then buy all the remaining stock and make a bigger profit margin than them. :giggle:

That's the way things are though and even reputable stores such as Argos want to take advantage.
I still remember one of the DSI groups were trying to sell Nintendo Wiis last christmas, bundled with a full price LCD tv along with games.

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Well, I know that if I didn't get the Gameplay deal that I found a few days ago, I would definately go for this. It's hard to get Wii Fit at 69.99 anywhere, so getting it here at this price but just being tied to getting Super Smash Bros as well (and at quite a reasonable price) plus paying for home delivery is not a bad thing.

Leading up to Xmas with Wii Fit being scarce, I think this is a better deal than paying over the odds for Wii Fit alone especially if you are looking to get this for someone as a present like I was.

There aren't any online places selling it for 79.99 and in stock at the moment, so I would say this is a great deal, but I guess its not for everyone.



It's hard to get Wii Fit at 69.99 anywhere

That's just not true though. Stock is turning up all over the place, it's easier to get one now than at any time since launch. In May this would have been a hot deal, in December it will be, but right now cold.
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