Wii Fit avaliable to order by phone for £69.99 delivered @ Hmv

Wii Fit avaliable to order by phone for £69.99 delivered @ Hmv

Found 16th Oct 2008Made hot 16th Oct 2008
Just been looking on internet for Wii Fit (again!) and went on HMV site to check if they had any stock. Web site said not released yet, but underneath was a message saying:

"Desperate for a Wii Fit? hmv.com may have limited stock of Wii Fit to order by telephone, so give us a call on 0845 603 8576 to check availability"

Rang them 5 minutes ago and a "lovely" woman said YES! they've got loads of stock in for £69.99 with free delivery! Made my day!!!


[COLOR="Magenta"]great find and heat added[/COLOR]

yeah i agree good digging.....

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My wife's auntie was desperate to get one for her daughters Christmas, I passed on the info and she has manged to get one ordered and she does not even have an online account.

Delivered 2-5 working days so she is chuffed!!

That is her first Xmas pressie bought :santa:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. you have made my day just ordered one

You're a star!
One just ordered....

Got one too. thanks H&R'd

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Glad to have helped.

Do good things and good things will happen, karma :thumbsup:

Thanks. Been looking for one for quite a while already.

got the other half phoning them now... will let you know how we get on! thank you thank you thank you!!!

*fingers crossed* everyone!

UPDATE: YEEEEEEHAAAAAA they have them! I have one ordered, and will be delivered (free) within 5 days :-D

Brilliant, phoned and ordered one, been trying for ages to get one. lady said they are selling like hot cakes and only a few left! Thanks

nice find, but has no one ever used: wii-consoles.co.uk/wii…asp ?

i just ask as i've signed up to their alerts email and have been emailed a good 5 or 6 times in the last week about amazon, argos and hmv having stock in...

Great find, just ordered as well - heat added.
They got there order in yesterday and reckon they will be sold out in the next couple of hours - phones are qeuing up already!

WOW - HOT HOT - Just got one for the Missus Xmas present...........get in there!!

Got one too. Thanks!



glad i got one but this is funny!!!

Also available online with Argos at the moment, £5.95 delivery!

Just ordered one, thanks!

WOW - HOT HOT - Just got one for the Missus Xmas present...........get in … WOW - HOT HOT - Just got one for the Missus Xmas present...........get in there!!

Woah, sounds like a minefield there.

You: "Merry xmas honey"
Her: "Wii Fit? What are you trying to say!?!?!"
You: "Here we go......"

Wow! Thank you very much OP! Was after one of these for the GF for her Christmas.

Heat + rep added!

To anyone else calling - when you call key 1 at the first list of options and 5 at the second list. The options aren't that clear and the second list takes a while to be read out so this should save you a little time.:thumbsup:

Shame there's no Quidco

I shall pretend that i am up for it too!!!

Hot Hot Hot, just ordered on + Free Delivery

Hot tsssssssss got one thanks!

thanks just got 2, one from HMV and one from argos!!!!
one for us and one for a christmas prezzie!!!

thanks a lot op
heat and repped

Be quick thou guys the man on the phone @ hmv said they are flying out every call he has taken has been about the wii fit!!!!


thanks so much for this find.

Going to be a load of fat girls happy this Xmas :thumbsup:

wooohhhooooo just orderd now :-D thanksssssss

fantastic nice one and all the other good coments just got one cheers

woohoo yep bagged mine! Slightly miffed that I couldnt use my gift voucher tho!


Woah, sounds like a minefield there. You: "Merry xmas honey"Her: "Wii … Woah, sounds like a minefield there. You: "Merry xmas honey"Her: "Wii Fit? What are you trying to say!?!?!"You: "Here we go......"

I'd like to respond with this: uk.youtube.com/wat…xv0

Worked for me... 2-5 days for delivery (which was free)...

Sweet - Top man

Bagged one


awesome post, got one finally heat and rep added

All gone!


ARRRGH sorry, didn't read the bit that said by PHONE - web is still OOS


got one thanks...

I just got one of these from Morrisons for £69.99, they have very limited stocks though

Very friendly and helpful, just ordered, great find, thanks

thanks op :thumbsup:

very friendly service, apparently 400 were ordered in so get in quick!

Just ordered mine at 12.45pm. Got through after being on hold for no longer than a minute. Sounds like they have a few left aswel. I was only looking this morning for one, great find and thanks.

Great, wife sorted for Christmas and she'll be fit by the summer hols!
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