Wii Fit Board £45 plus free Wii Fit Plus (or other selected game) (Instore) @ Tesco

Wii Fit Board £45 plus free Wii Fit Plus (or other selected game) (Instore) @ Tesco

Found 14th Jan 2011
Was in Tesco's (Cheltenham) last night and spotted this deal....

Buy a Wii Balance Board & One Selected Wii Game for £45

couldn't confirm becuase customer service was closed at the time I was in the store worth checking if you are after Wii Fit though :O)

I'll upload a pic of the label in a bit.

i'll have to upload pic from home later.

the deal code at the bottom of it says:


can't seem to get pic to insert into thread but this is where it is:



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here is where the image is if anyone want to link it...i can't seem to get it to work


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Yes this offer is on;)

Is this the official Wii Board?

If official board this is a great price but deal not online.

dam if this is for real then this is cheap, put a pic up dude and this will get scorching hot!!!! (obviously on the assumption that it will the original Wii Fit board)
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Not the original wii fit board but a smaller compatable one, same offer in other tescos too. The one I saw was a black board, the board on it's own is £40 so with the game not a bad offer .

Or this

for the sake of a fiver the morrisons deal is way better imo.

Stock in Mansfield and Bulwell - ask at the entertainment counter in Mansfield as they are not on display and locked up behind the counter.
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