Wii Fit Boards and Accessories from £97 - £120 at GAME (3%-11% off Quidco)
Wii Fit Boards and Accessories from £97 - £120 at GAME (3%-11% off Quidco)

Wii Fit Boards and Accessories from £97 - £120 at GAME (3%-11% off Quidco)

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My first time at this... I've just bought a Wii Fit board with 2 games (Carnival & Big Beach Sports) for £99.99 + free delivery. Saved £3 with Quidco. IMMEDIATE DESPATCH.
Also there are 2 other deals: ALL IN STOCK.
1, Wii fit board, anti-slip cover, 1GB memory card = £97.97+free p+p.
2, Wii fit board, wii play, remote control, nunchucks = £119.99 + free p+p.
Good reward points as well if you have a reward card.

PLENTY IN STOCK!!!!! (I can't buy one in the shops.)


I can't see this as a deal the stuff they budle it with is mostly rubbish, why don't they just let people get the wii fit on it's own, seems like a bit of a con.

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I know what you mean. I live in Doncaster and cannot get hold of a wii fit board anywhere unless I pay around £110. We have a Toys R Us here that sell just the wii fit board for £69.99. Unfortunately, they are always out of stock. People queue up in the early hours of the morning for a ticket to get one. At GAME, the board is £69.99 but you have to buy the games included in the deal as well. Would have been a fantastic deal if it was the Wii fit board and the Family Ski game. That would be a cracking deal. This is my first time as a member using this. I have only ever looked on HUKD. I registered because I thought it was a really good deal for someone who is like me.. finding it so hard to get hold of one. Especially with Xmas approaching. Thanks for the comment. I see someone has used the link and bought one. They've applied there own deal on it. Nice.
Take care and thank you.

You can take the games back to any GAME shop and get your money back on them.
We did this and it made the wii fit a reasonable price. There was no quibble, take your receipt with you, ours had the games itemised on there.
If you get £30 back, or whatever these games are currently on sale for, it makes the wii fit about £70, the going rate.

I got my wii fit by using wiicompare.com

They certainly seem to sell out fast!
Tried to buy it from 2 of the sites listed on the wiicompare site but they were sold out by the time i got my details typed into their web sites :x

Kept trying and got one in the end though. My children seem to like it.. :whistling:
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