Wii fit bundle @ Wilkinsonplus £104.99 + Free delivery ENDS 9PM TONIGHT (use £5 off £50 Spend too)

Wii fit bundle @ Wilkinsonplus £104.99 + Free delivery ENDS 9PM TONIGHT (use £5 off £50 Spend too)

Found 9th Mar 2009
Wii fit + Family Ski & Snowboard + Powerstation
Wii Fit comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board, an accessory developed exclusively for the Wii console that will have a far-reaching impact for all who use it. It's innovative, exciting and most of all fun and simple for all to use. It is a pressure sensitive, wireless balance board that goes on the floor - so someone can stand on it in front of the TV. It senses weight and shift in balance in any direction and therefore by standing on the Wii Balance Board during activities allows players to follow along to movements ensuring they have full control of the on-screen activities. This allows personal improvement goals to be set to effectively help you and your family to train and stay fit... Increasing your awareness of the importance that fitness has on everyday life and keeping yourself and family motivated should be easier with Wii Fit. The programme allows up to 8 people to track progress and monitor performance. Once you insert the Wii Fit Disc into a Wii console, a new channel - Wii Fit Channel can be added to your Wii Menu system. Once the Wii Fit Channel is added it enables users to not have to insert the Wii Fit Disc into a Wii console in order for the Wii Balance Board to scale your weight to calculate your BMI, measure the centre of your bodily balance and conduct a balance test in order to calculate your Wii Fit Age. It also allows you to monitor how long you did which category of exercise for in one day, all in the comfort of your own home and without the need to keep inserting the Wii Fit Disk into your Wii console each time. PLUS..... Wii Family Ski & Snowboard ..Wii Balance Board compatible....... Fresh powder, miles of pristine slopes and unstoppable winter fun drift onto Wii in this exciting, fun and feature-packed snowboarding and skiing sequel to the critically acclaimed Family Ski. Family Ski & Snowboard is fully compatible with the Wii Balance Board for a truly immersive experience! Never lose power when you need it most! Includes a docking station and 2 rechargeable battery packs for Wii controllers - protect ,store and recharge 2 Wii remotes simultaneously( remotes not included)
One per customer only due to limited stock.


I just posted this reply to the same deal on MSE. I haven't voted either way but it could help explain the commentless cold voters.

You are probably better buying the bits individually as there is a good chance that you don't need all the bits e.g.

Wii Fit - Tesco Direct using voucher = £60 (if you can collect about £5 more otherwise)
Wii Ski and Snowboard - gameplay.co.uk = £27
Joytech Power Station - Amazon.co.uk = £13

Total £100

If you can't be bothered with vouchers, can't collect from a Tesco Direct or want to order all the items from one place then this is a good deal. I just question bundling a powerstation in this package. I find having spare AA batteries handy a better solution. A spare Wii Fit battery/charger would have made more sense.

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Thanks for that Searcher2, least I know (sort of) why cold now:thumbsup:


Thanks for that Searcher2, least I know (sort of) why cold now:thumbsup:

You'll never really know why. Some people just vote cold for the hell of it! As soon as they seen 'Wii Fit' out with the ice blaster.
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