Wii Fit in Stock @ HMV (Phone orders not website)

Wii Fit in Stock @ HMV (Phone orders not website)

Found 29th Aug 2008
Not a 'deal' as such but possibly useful.
Just this second rang HMV on 0845 603 8576 (press button 2 to speak to the right person) and ordered a Wii Fit. They have them in stock for home delivery priced at £69.99 inc. delivery.
Great news for me when i've run around like a nutter all day trying to get one with no luck and constantly being told 'We had them this morning' and 1 person 'What's a Wii Fit?'
Hope a few people find this as useful


MAX heat added!! Called up, ordered....its all good! Many thanks! : )


Just ordered mine!
Many Thanks!

Tops well done that person.

What can I say you are a star. Ordered mine heat added

Yeah, its very hard to get hold of a Wii fit, even now, no change at xmas, so best to order now. HAHA!

Brilliant! Have been searching for one of these for a while now...... Ordered OK.

Fakin unbelievable. Many thanks m8. HOT HOT HOT

wow thank u been tryin t0 get one for ages refused to be ripped off glad i held off :thumbsup::thumbsup: rep added and heat

Pants. Closed 10 minutes ago! Still, thanks for the heads up. :thumbsup:

been looking for two weeks will not pay more than 69.99.....thanks

got mine as soon as I saw it posted, well done !!

Welcome to hukd disco, kando, mpw and termite!!!

EDIT - Although termite has actually been here longer than me!

Original Poster

Glad it's proved useful to someone at least :thumbsup:

Now also showing as available to pre-order (stock due on 1st September) on the website...

just called them they have no stock
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