Wii Fit in stock in Dundee Gamestation

Wii Fit in stock in Dundee Gamestation

Found 26th Sep 2008
Game station in Dundee have Wii Fit boards in stock. They are selling them bundled with a silicone skin for £79.98 complete. Their own description was that they have 'loads' in stock.


I don't like the way that Game and Gamestation are trying to boost their sales by selling the Wii fits as bundles and forcing you to pay more for extra rubbish that is unnecessary. The rrp for the Wii fit is £69.99 so essentially you are paying £10 for a silicone skin that you don't need. I feel bad as it's your first deal but cold from me.

This should be in misc to stop people voting cold as its not a hotdeal its for information.

I agree with Russ2626 about Game and other stores bundling stuff in, where as HMV near me had wii fit the other day and was selling it on its own for £69.99 as it should be

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Thanks for the advice on the category, its my first post so.....

Otherwise though, having been trying to grt a fit board for a couple of months now, and always missed when they were in stock not having to pay the £100+ that Ebay etc are asking for made this a hot deal for me. When its more available yes, a better than RRP price would be good, but until then...?

not a deal, just RRP plus!
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