Wii fit in stock @ Smyths

Wii fit in stock @ Smyths

Found 4th Oct 2008
Now that I have my £149 Wii I needed a wii Fit which seemed to be very hard to find. Smyths have a store/product locator so check online to see if your store has stock.

The new Wii Fit game from Nintendo can help all the family to get fit and stay fit in an interactive, entertaining manner.
The Wii Fit comes with Nintendos new Wii Balance Board, which allows the user to control the game with their body movements. It can measure the players performance during exercise, as well as calculating BMI and Wii Fit Age.
Players can use their Wii Fit software and balance board to set and track weight loss or weight gain goals, as well as BMI changes.



I checked one store and they dont have any but online it says in stock lol

If the website doesn't offer an 'in stock guarantee' then your best best would be to phone them.

The Smyths stores do seem to have the Wii Fits in plentiful supply though, I have been seeing them in there whenever I pop in and I picked up my own one from there last week (Beckton store)

managed to borrow one of these from a friend...

used it for 30 minutes, then not at all for the next month.

all i can say is glad i tried it before i went out and bought one


lol everywhere near me has loads of these in stock

cant believe people cant find them online

erm this is rrp?

HI just been to smyths toys in borehamwood and picked one up
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