WII Fit plus £69.99 @ Amazon

WII Fit plus £69.99 @ Amazon

Found 12th Nov 2009Made hot 12th Nov 2009
Hi, first time doing this so sorry if I've done something wrong. Anyhow as it says, Wii fit plus at £69.99, they have this down as a 23% saving and from my own searches I can see it's a great price. Many shops are still selling the original wii fit for this price. If this is still too expensive they are still doing the original for £59.99


good deal as you also have free delivery. Toysrus are doing them for £68.99 but they charge for delivery toysrus.co.uk/Toy…860)

Don't forget opportunity for some Nectar points via their eStores - only 1pt/£1 ie 0.5% if spending those points at Argos/Sainsburys but owts better than nowt - save the price of a stamp And at 11.46 it is already down to £69.00 and they are paying for Google Ads to promote that specific offer too - so likely others will be competing over the course of today ?

I order this the other night from Amazon via the Nectar website to get my points.

But it was £69.00 and is now I've just checked, but who knows if it will stay at that price with the up and down pricing that Amazon display sometimes.


cold - I work for Gamestop and its £69.99 there. Nothing special. Im pretty sure 69.99 is its retail price.

£69 now

Ordered for r lass - cheers op....

expired - back up to £79.99
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