Wii Fit Plus + (Solus) - £15.24 delivered @ Lovefilm + Quidco

Wii Fit Plus + (Solus) - £15.24 delivered @ Lovefilm + Quidco

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Very good pre-order price - best around

This is the new edition of Wii Fit (game only - no board) due out at the end of October

Use the voucher code BIRTHDAY to get this price - code is valid until midnight Tuesday


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The game that started the interactive fitness craze returns with new … The game that started the interactive fitness craze returns with new exercises, new games and a new way to keep fit. Wii Fit Plus contains all the features and workouts from the original game but adds some great new features that make keeping in shape easier and more fun.First up are six new exercises, which are added to the existing line-up and can now be accessed and started much more quickly than before. You can also try them out as part of a specialised workout routine, specifically designed to work on a different part of your body or to last a set length of time.Exercises can even be added to your own specialised workout, so you can completely customise your fitness program however you want. With other new features including new balance games, a calorie counter and support for dogs and cats Wii Fit remains the healthiest choice of video game on the Wii.

I think the fact the exercises run into one another will be the real improvement over the first title. I never really used it, but the missus did, and her big complaint was that there was so much standing around and loading exercises that you could spend 30 minutes on it and only be exercising for half that time.

Great find, agree with your comment as well, will hopefully improve the game greatly! Looking forward to it now, thanks again

I assume the board's definitely not going to change then...?

Support for dogs and cats?!?!


Don't forget Quidco.

ordered mine voted hot hot hot
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