Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Wii) @ £59.99 Amazon
Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Wii) @ £59.99 Amazon

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Wii) @ £59.99 Amazon

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Know Your Physique: Wii Fit Plus will now allow you to check and monitor 4 areas of your physique, BMI (body mass index), centre of gravity, and calories burnt during your workout you can then set your goals, against these areas. The BMI test measures your weight/height. Wii Fit Plus will take this measurement and let you know how you fair in comparison to the ideal. Once you are aware of your BMI you can set goals to reduce this measurement, by take part in the Wii Fit Plus exercises and introducing a healthier lifestyle. Your centre of gravity is measured via the Wii Fit Plus age test in which you will take on various balance in an attempt to keep your Wii Fit Plus age as close to or lower than you real age.
Train Yourself: Wii Fit Plus contains 5 training categories Aerobic Exercises, Muscle conditioning, Yoga, Balance Games and all new Training Plus. All the training categories are designed to help develop bodily balance control, burn fat, help tone and condition muscle, as well increase aerobic stamina. All these great activities offer a fun way to get fit with your family.
Wii Plus Routines: Allows you to create customised training routines, or ask your personal Wii Fit Plus trainer can create training programs for you, based on the area of your body you wish to work on - bum, hips, thighs - Wii Fit Plus will help! There are over 40 different activities within four training categories.
Aerobic Exercises: New Additional Jogging Courses, Ste Rythum Remix all-new songs.
Muscle Exercises: 3 New Muscle Exercises.
Yoga: Includes 3 New Poses.
Balance Games: Heading, Ski Jump, Ski Slalom, Tightrope, irritating maze, Penguin game, Snowboarding, and meditation.
Training Plus: Skateboarding, Rythum Kung Fu, Dungeon Jogging, many more.

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1 seller has a brand new one for 59.99 if that interests anyone.

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I am about to buy this COLD voters can you please add a link where I can get it cheaper ? Why cold?

I voted hot. It's not a great deal, but like KoalaUK said...I can't find it cheaper.

Same here, there's an eBay deal at the same price but they normally go for £80 so hot from me.

Heat added

It looks like it has gone up to £69.91 now


It looks like it has gone up to £69.91 now

it will off done there was only 1 available for £59.99


it will off done there was only 1 available for £59.99

will it off?

Ah shame I missed it. Been looking for a good deal for this.
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