Wii Fit U with Fit Meter £29.99 at argos ebay outlet

Wii Fit U with Fit Meter £29.99 at argos ebay outlet

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For those that bought the Wii Fit Plus board bundle from Amazon, upgrade to the Wii Fit U with Fit meter!

cheapest I can see it at the moment



Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price to the title.
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The Fit Meter is rudimentary compared to all the Fitbits/Jawbones/Fitbugs etc, but the games and yoga instruction in the software are great and it all costs much less than any of those fitness devices I mentioned. In an ideal world you'd own one of each.

you can also get it used with a balance board for £40 from Cex if you need a balance board

Got a full set for around £60 from ebay new for my better half and tbh she hasn't even used the meter and the board is the same as the old ones but its fun with plenty of workouts etc.
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Got this deal for the wife for Christmas - so far it's been a big hit with her and the family!

We've never bothered with any of the previous Wii Fit incarnations so had to get a balance board - I found a black one on Ebay locally for £15.

There are stacks of activities to choose from - the wife and kids are currently downstairs trying to get the best score on one of them - my 9yo son gets very upset if anybody beats him!

The Fit Meter is supposed to keep track of your daily activity while not using the game, and you update the game with it via the infra-red port on the game pad. It works quite well as a basic pedometer but some of the other metrics don't seem very accurate - it told the wife she'd climbed 300ft yesterday but she hadn't!

Even so the meter is motivational and I bought an additional red one from Zavvi for £10 (the game comes with a green one).

The only negative comment I'd make is that it's pretty unkind if you are out of shape and BMI is over 30 - it automatically bloats your Mii figure and calculates a "Wii Fit" age for you - mine was 62! 60 bloody 2!

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