Wii Fit way above RPP at £99.99(vat inclusive) but instock with free(lol) delivery

Wii Fit way above RPP at £99.99(vat inclusive) but instock with free(lol) delivery

Found 19th Sep 2008
Wii fit in stock at viking business maybe at home site as well.Above RPP but thought would help somebody really desperate to get 1.Maybe vouchers still work.
Let the cold votes begin


Thanks for posting, but expect this to get VERY cold!

Yeah nice to know if anyone really really needs one but i'd never pay that much for one. Argos still getting them in every other day, so anyone after one keep checking early.

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as the OP says its for desperate people so am not expecting any heat at all just the sun shinning outside is heat enough for me;)

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Maybe could win the competetion for coldest deal ever

Desperate people can get one off eBay for cheaper than this on auction!

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voted cold by myself dudes its just a heads up post
honestly dont work for viking:-D

Let the cold votes begin

I got in late, so missed the beginning. But have a -9 from me.

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thanks for all the people who took out their valuable time from their day to vote this cold.Come on guys and gals lets make this the coldest deal in HUKD history

They may well price match if you ring up. They did with me for a Samsung TV a year or so ago!

Lol, if you are desperate for a Wii Fit the best and cheapest way to get one is by getting a argos reservation code off ebay, the most you pay is £4.99 but it's definatlely the least stressful way of getting one too.

mines being del from amazon .de for £72

Hers hoping to get one of their offer codes in the next few weeks.

great find viking do great offers -- amazing they still work with such pricing

what a rip off!
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