Wii FreeLoader (Wii) £9.99 Delivered
Wii FreeLoader (Wii) £9.99 Delivered

Wii FreeLoader (Wii) £9.99 Delivered

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Wii FreeLoader (Wii) £9.99 Delivered

Wii FreeLoader lets you play ANY region of Wii or GameCube game on your Nintendo Wii! At last, you can import games from other territories and play them on your Wii.


Voted hot.

Voted hot

i would hold off for the time being if i were you - This news n-europe.com/new…627 was made today so it doesn't look promsing at the mo, its only an update in america at the mo but its only a matter of time til we get it too - maybe codejunkies will do something to combat it but it could be running an ever losing battle which may not be worth the effort..........its a shame as i want this as well.......damn you nintendo!

UPDATE! WiiBrew have admitted that the reportedly blocking of the Freeloader is in fact an April Fool's joke (it's Easter Sunday, or March 23rd, in case you didn't know). The widespread panic and paranoia caused by the clever editor of the WiiBrew page was all for nothing. Readers, you may sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that this whole thing has been debunked.

-- phew - feel safe to go ahead and buy

Posted Mar 23, 2008 at 01:31AM by Ryan A. Listed in: News, Homebrew Development Tags: Nintendo Company Ltd., homebrew community
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Yesterday's Wii system update: firmware IOS37 deals with Trucha exploit - Image 1Yesterday, we reported on a new system update rolled out by Nintendo for the Wii console. The problem with that update, however, is that it didn't come with any information.

After being tipped just a couple of hours ago by QJ.NET reader NeoGreenDawg that the update deals with the Trucha exploit and that it renders modified games unplayable, more information showed up over at the WiiBrew website.

According to our source, the new firmware is referred to as IOS37 and is actually for the update servers. It was also confirmed by our source that this version of the firmware has a fixed signature-checking function.

WiiBrew provided as well the following information on what homebrew stuff the firmware update affects:

* Until the system menu is updated to use IOS37, it will have no effect.
* Once the system menu is updated to use IOS37, "Trucha-Signed" discs - or channels - will stop working, as will the Freeloader disc.
* At that point, "homebrew channels" would be considered "invalid" by the system. The consequences of this are unclear, but that could potentially prevent the Wii from booting.
* Other versions of IOS are not affected.
* The Twilight Hack is unaffected.

If you love your homebrew, which we know you do, it is advised that you should not update to firmware IOS37 until stalwarts of the homebrew community are able to do something about it. In any event, keep checking back here at QJ.NET for more updates regarding this.
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