wii games £10 instore at Asda

wii games £10 instore at Asda

Found 11th Oct 2009
My local asda in Andover has quite a good selection of games for the wii for £10

Dont shoot me if they are no good - If anyone has seen my previous posts they will know I know nothing about wii ................ however - they have an off road game included in the £10 deal which comes with a wheel. I know you can get the wheel for £2.99 in argos or somewhere but as this comes with the game it makes the game £7 in effect (if you see what I mean)
anyway - it might be not very good but I bought one as an extra instead of just buying the wheel from argos. Hopefully small boy will be chuffed to meatballs on christmas morning with his gamestation bundle plus this
not sure if its online - sorry


so what are the games
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