Wii Games - 2 for £25 at HMV (Carnival Funfair only £12.50)
Wii Games - 2 for £25 at HMV (Carnival Funfair only £12.50)

Wii Games - 2 for £25 at HMV (Carnival Funfair only £12.50)

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Just ordered myself Carnival funfair and Game Party for £25.00. Really just wanted Carnival Funfair so thought may aswell get Game Party with it. Guess I can sell Game Party if it aint no good but thought it worked out a good price for Carnival Funfair - £12.50.



not worth 12.50 IMHO very poor game.

Our kids love it nice deal 2 games 25 quid

Cheers matey

We have this game and although it is a bit slow it is quite good with a few people playing ....... fair price.....not worth any more though

I think this game is actually quite good, lots of games and lots of further games to unlock. As said above not worth anymore but a good laugh for kids or a group of people playing.

its alright for that price...

How do you know which games are 2 for £25? I can't see it mentioned anywhere

carnival not going in 2 for 25 for me

You can see these if you add this game to yourr basket, then hover over the 2 for £25 text

this then gives you the option to see all games in this offer, click that then you can sort it by name, format e.t.c.

they are 2 for £30 instore, as i got it and MK Armageddon with a gift voucher for xmas, so i paid £10 in the end for the 2 games.

Carnival Funfair games has sold over 1 million units worldwide, and has been in the top 3 best games sellers on play.com since its release. so somebody likes it - and im one who does, as its a fun game - id get more fun from this that a war game on 360.

as for online i bought Sonic and the Secret Rings and Prince Of Persia Rival Swords in this deal - with student discount worked out at £22.50 less quidco = £21 ish for 2 top titles.

How did you get the 2 for 25?

Every time I click, it's 25 each.

...sorry didn't read the posts above. My bad.

carnival not 2 for 25 for me either

Good game for the price, some of the mini games within this are not so good but there is enough decnet ones to outweigh the poor ones; great for the family

carnival not in 2 for 25....

Cold for me carnival not in the 2 for £25

Sonic amd the secret rings isn't in the 2 for £25

Original Poster

Looks like they have changed the offer. The game was £17.99 yesterday and in the 2 for £25.00 now they have upped it to £25.00 and not on offer.

Carnival is not in the offer - and it is tripe anyway.

Voted cold (and spammed) as this HMV deal has been posted before
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