Wii HD Component Cable (Mad Catz) @ Play *In Stock* - £17.99
Wii HD Component Cable (Mad Catz) @ Play *In Stock* - £17.99

Wii HD Component Cable (Mad Catz) @ Play *In Stock* - £17.99

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For those of you lucky enough to get a Wii and our now searching for an elusive HD component cable. They are now listed in stock at Play.

And before people say this cable is rubbish after much research the problem is the cables give different quality on different TV sets. But without a definitive list of which one works with which, its a case a trial and error.


I bought one of these cables on ebay before xmas, and I use it with my 42" Hitachi 42PD7200. The quality is SO much better than the stock cable, and I have no complaints. I should also point out, im very fussy :-D

I do wonder if the people using these cables who complained bothered to change their Wii settings to 480p (EDTV). Its what the cable is meant to be used in.

I got one off ebay for about £11 new, not an official one though.

Havnt tried it yet as the TV or the cable havnt turned up yet

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WOW wonder why the minus! As even though this is another wii thread and another *in stock* this is still a good price for a HD wii cable, as the official one costs a bit more, and its hard to find the Mad Catz in stock.

Yeah I am also thinking that RobTuck mind you I had the switch on the 360 cable set to tv for 6 months before realising it had a switch to set it in hd for hd tv's.

Personally, I've had and sold one of these and just got an official cable which IMO is noticeably more vivid.

Got a similar one from ebay and can confirm that they make a huge difference when driving an appropriate device.

Got mine hooked up to the projector. Wii Sports is ace on a 10 ft screen!

GAME have their own versions in stock for £19.99. Not a great bargain ......but if you can't wait

Recieved my ebay one for £11 today, looks good quality, will know for sure tonight

Will cheap ebay ones be much different do you think?

I need to get one really...

Probably not, I have used cheaper component cables for my Xbox and there is no difference.

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Received mine today and gives top quality picture now and makes zelda worth playing. BTW I have a samsung hdtv!

there is this one here cgi.ebay.co.uk/Com…tem

its only £8.40 delivered.

Not sure if i am allowed to link to ebay items on here sorry Mods if im not

I don't think you are I'm afraid.
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