Wii High School Musical

Wii High School Musical

Found 10th Dec 2007
The very hard to get Wii "High School Musical" now in stock at a very good price.


thanks very much for that.

ended up getting it for £31 as i purchased a few other bits too.

My niece will be sooo happy.

Thanks!! Have been searching over the weekend for this, but found that most places were out of stock.

amazing find - well done. i've been looking for 2 weeks!

ordered off zavvi but they didnt honour the discount code i used, despite my mate doing the same (after me) and getting 10% off

these are going for £65 on ebay!

same here was looking for it for few weeks, managed to get one from post on the other week, but went to toysrus yesterday and they had loads;-) cant work it out. ;-)

Excellent find - heat + rep added.

Thanks for this. Got one for my daughter though probably going to save it until her birthday in Feb - they probably aren't going to get any cheaper than this even after the Christmas rush.

nice find, thanks.

Looks like they've gone.

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