Wii in sock at dixons £289 with 3 games
Wii in sock at dixons £289 with 3 games

Wii in sock at dixons £289 with 3 games

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Just thought I'd let you know that there are some wii packages in stock at Dixons. Time checked 10.35am. Extract below:

Wii Console + 3 Games

The Wii remains the fun choice for gaming and home entertainment.

This great package includes:
Wii Console with Wii Sports

Sonic and the Magic Rings

Rapala Fishing

Super Monkey Ball


Sorry, voted cold. An extra £110 for 3 games is a rip off.


Sorry, voted cold. An extra £110 for 3 games is a rip off.


If you go for it use quidco 2.5% and egg 5% cashback.

LOL, I just reread the title of this thread. Must be a Currys exclusive!



voted hot out of pity

LMAO @ Poppy, Ah the joys of a simple typo....

Sorry for all the cold votes on your first deal saaya2020, but it appears the members believe there are better deals to be had :thumbsup:

Original Poster


Time for bed!

PS - I like the sock image - must of took time !!!!

cold unless u get a pair of socks
what good is one?

Its amazing the wii is still holding its price for so long. It was originally going to be a $100 console to dominate the bottom end of pricing. The spec is just a gamecube running at 50% faster with a new controller and most of the games are graphically massacred by the original xbox. I know Nintendo have restricted stock in order to create demand but its still impressive that people are buying at these high prices. People do realise the console is just a gamecube and most of the additional speed is used by the additional code needed for handling the wii remote etc. The only thing Nintendo did for the spec at the last minute was bolt on an extra 64meg realising the original gamecube memory of 43meg wasn't enough and of course add 512MEG of flash storage. Whats more amazing is the software line up for the wii is still quite weak with only really zelda being real quality and thats on gamecube anyway.

Hats off to Nintendo for marketing a weak product so well but I won't be buying one for a while thats for sure.

looks like this has expired now

sold out of socks
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