wii in stock at amazon
wii in stock at amazon

wii in stock at amazon

Buy forBuy forBuy for£179.98
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amazon have them in stock right now


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choose express delivery and you will have it by crimbo:santa:

831 left

This must be nearly the last chance to get one of these, virtually at RRP, delivered in time for Christmas.

Hopefully we can trust Amazon!

So for anyone who still wants one... go for it!

Heat added!


831 left

how do you find how many are left?? Thanks


how do you find how many are left?? Thanks

put one in basket then edit basket where you can add whatever qty you want.. then update basket !! then process of elimination ! until it tells you you can't order ! :thumbsup:

looks like they have loads as 999 comes up ok !

Ordered one ,express delivery, hope it arrives in time can someone confirm these are uk pal version?:thinking:

hi put 999 in basket and they will say how many left ,i think most people have either got 1 or given up and gone for ps3, in new year i can see the price dropping like a stone as the demand drops and nintendo stop drip feeding the retailers who in turn have ripp off bundled deals, i will be buying games from the honest dealers who have tried to look after the customers not the likes of gamestation etc

Great spot . These should stay in stock for quite a while now because Ebay buyers won't want any it's to late for them to get rid before cribo. So all that never got ripped off by them are getting a chance at last to get one for the kids before Christmas great news:)..

Loads in stock all over now, seems you lot were all duped with a marketing ploy to have you thinking there wont be many about and hey guess what now were nearly out of shopping days loads are becoming available!!!


Excellent, added 999 to my basket and it didn't limit them as before so must have had another shed load delivered. Quite a few eBayers are going to get seriously burned going by the last few auctions. Although there are still some muppets paying over the odds even now.

showing as none in stock for me

sold out now

Thank you,got a wii finally:-D

still in stock !

Just did a stock check and it's around the 90ish mark at the moment :santa:

26 left


wonder when amazon will next load up some more stock as they are getting loads

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well they lasted alot longer than they normally do

i think ninty and the shops are taking the pi** with the obvious drip feeding to make it look like these are in short supply

says 1 left.....


still available

meh I dont need 1, but grabbed 1 anyway, ill give it to one of my mates as a present

Thanks OP!


Still showing in stock and let's you go to checkout. Says you have to order in the next 19 hours to get delivery on Friday the 21st :santa:

724 available.

Just checked now and the Wii is still in stock

going pretty fast though, down to 600 odd left

Down to 548 now!!!!!:)

And gone.

1 left now

Still showing as being available!

Yep still showing available for me too...not that I need one!


And still showing as in stock at 1:30am...

1:45am 35 still in stock

12 left now - 02:15.

cant order anymore
had my fair share
wii buying has lost all the sparkle
the bubble has burst

WII on the way last night

Thanks scottyF (and no thanks from the credit card) - voted hot

voted hot tho all gone dont like the wii but was a good post for those looking for one

Showing up as in stock - but when added to basket it states that it's out of stock! aaargh!
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