Wii In Stock At Dixons

Wii In Stock At Dixons

Found 14th Nov 2007
Various wii packages available at this link...

Prices start at £279.99.

A lot of money for one, i know but if you're desperate


What link?

Original Poster

Sorry, excuse my noobness.

If that doesn't work, copy and paste this into your browser. Or just click the link.


Some okay deals there if you want those games. Not awesome but ok.

DocDock - you did fine. strangelad - there's a "Go to Deal" link on the right of every deal post

watch out for those 'oh sorry we didnt actually have enough stock to cover all the orders emails'

I see another bunch of muppets voting cold for no apparrent reason.

Given the rarity of these things any post giving actual stock should be red hot.


Sold Out.

Yep, my bad (failed to notice it as my browser was hiding in the bottom right of my screen so my boss couldn't see it) apologies.:whistling:
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