Wii in stock @ Gameplay for £179.99
Wii in stock @ Gameplay for £179.99

Wii in stock @ Gameplay for £179.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£179.99
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Not a deal as such, but Gameplay now have the Wii in stock, not sure how many units there are, but now's a good chance of getting one if you have yet to.


Thanks oldgot


u ahve to buy a game aswell by the looks of it


u ahve to buy a game aswell by the looks of it

Yes, need to purchase at least 1 game

Good spot, shame your forced to bundle, but who cares since most people buy an extra game anyway

Just ordered - YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER A GAME - just need to call them on their number and place order



Just ordered - YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER A GAME - just need to call them … Just ordered - YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER A GAME - just need to call them on their number and place orderThanks

Geographical number : 01256 784240 :thumbsup:

Thanks for that. Just ordered one


just phoned and ordered - still in stock . dont need to order extra game.

Great stuff all ordered!!!! :-D

Does it say how long for delivery?

24 hours

I went to asda walmart in havant today. They had the Wii in stock, i havnt got a clue at what price and how many but they were trying to flog me one.

Already got one, but voted hot for those who are still struggling to get one...

Thank you
My youngest step-son-to-be now thinks I'm the greatest step-dad-to-be.


saying i have to buy a game. how did you get just the console.... :-( not fair.

Get'em while you can!

bbasra . phone them.

Absolutely awsome.

Good find !!!

phoned twice now to try my chance, still have to order a game or something with it. said others made a mistake.

Could be over 14 days stated now !!!

i guess it's over whislt on the phone to them :-(

Made me create me account online first. whilst the time i done that, said they all gone...

hmv have wii play in stock again for people who are still looking for it. mine just got dispatched after i ordered it about 2 months ago.


Is this an in store thing ?




Chump.Is this an in store thing ? … Chump.Is this an in store thing ? ?????????????????????]http://www.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?ctx=280;-1;-1;-1&sku=563383

i was talking about the game wii play, not the console. sorry for the confusion, i just didn't think it was worth making a new topic.

:-D Thanks for sorting that out.

Just ordered mine thanks

Check the order status, mine shows as ordered but when you click on it the console is listed as on backorder, awaiting delivery date from Nintendo.

mine says being picked?


mine says being picked?

guess I just missed out then...

wii's are instock in hmv's in store today

this was in manchester city centre

not sure about rest of uk

I have just phoned Gameplay, they say they have them in stock but there is a back log of payment checks that they have to do. They cannot take any orders until they have cleared the backlog. They also said that I could just order the console without a game over the phone.

I just called they said they have confirmed they are out of stock now. So I guess thats it for a while :-(


bought one of these on impulse before christmas for six year old.to cut a long story short he looked at it twice,traded it back again at game ,lost a wee bit of money boy now happy with xbox 360.

they are just not all there cracked up to be honest but good luck to anyone who wants one, they are pants,honest.


they are all they are cracked up to be......

and they are not pants, if he played it instead of looking at it twice maybe you'd understand that...... dunno how you can call any console pants without giving it a chance and playing the library of games it has available!!!! (zelda, excite truck, red steel, rayman, warioware etc)

and rangers will lose again tonight

Opinions are just that and I couldn`t disagree with you more.

however if ever a word was used out of context in a sentence then the word mighty in the following quote takes the biscuit and that`s not opinion it`s fact.



hey guys get a sense of humour,when i said he looked at it twice i was merely joking, he had all those games apart from warioware and they were all S***e.only my opinion of course go on buy one take a chance:)

hey mingymanc lighten up?:p

had mine delivered today- :thumbsup:
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