Wii jOG: The Body Motion Controller - Only £2.49 Delivered @ Play
Wii jOG: The Body Motion Controller - Only £2.49 Delivered @ Play

Wii jOG: The Body Motion Controller - Only £2.49 Delivered @ Play

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Fab price for this Wii add on.

jOG is the innovative motion-sensing controller that brings a whole new dimension to your living room gaming experience. With jOG your character only moves when you do. Plug jOG into your existing console and wow... jOG measures the steps you take and translates them to movement on screen! Now, when you move in the real world, you really move in the game!

- When you move... your game character moves
- Add-on controller that detects body motion
- Compatible with existing Wii games
- Plugs straight into your existing Wii Remote and Nunchuk
- Simple operation combines fitness and fun


COLD!! this belongs in Poundland



reveiws look good on this has any of the other posters tried it?

Cheers for this, going to give it a punt for this price. The user reviews on play sound alright if you don't expect too much out of it, and if i don't like it i can always give it to someone else, etc.

Edit: 2.52% TopCashBack, obviously i've saved a fortune
Edit2: I lied, it's classified under gadgets not games, so it's 4.04% cashback. Drinks are on me!
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Yeah - got one - for what it is / at this price it's a decent Wii add on

I just got it because i think it'd be amusing playing at least one game with this (perhaps zelda or epic mickey), and if i dont like it i can always give it to a young relative who'll probably get more of a kick out of the gimmick.

For anyone that isn't aware, couple of facts about this item (Note: This is based on what i've just read in the last 5 minutes, to save you lazy people from having to look it up yourself):

-No games are designed specifically for this item
-It's compatible with Wii games that require both the wiimote and the nunchuk
-When you jog on the spot it's equivalent of pressing forward on the nunchuk analogue stick. Sounds like to go left and right you still need to use the analogue stick.
-It's so cheap, in part, because the company who made it went bust

Cheers again for posting OP
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