Wii Lego star wars £14.99 delivered at PLAY.com

Wii Lego star wars £14.99 delivered at PLAY.com

Found 17th Apr 2010Made hot 18th Apr 2010
Motion-based controls - wield the Wii Remote like a lightsaber!
Commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars by playing through the events of all six Star Wars movies for the first time ever in one videogame.
Solve puzzles that encourage creative thinking through the use of teamwork and unique building situations only possible in a LEGO galaxy far, far away.
Adds new levels, new characters and new features to the fun, creativity and tongue-in-cheek humor that made LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy such huge hits.
Added to Story Mode is Episode II's completely new, never-before-played high-speed pursuit of bounty hunter Zam Wessell.
A new unlockable bonus stage depicts young Anakin's Episode I heroics in the space battle above Naboo.
New playable characters like Watto, Zam Wessell, Boss Nass and more bring the total count to over 160.
New features include revamped attacks (e.g., more powerful Force Pushes), new special moves for characters (e.g., Darth Vader's devastating Force Throw), new power-ups (e.g., invulnerability and enhanced attack damage) and more.
The upgraded Character Customiser includes all Prequel Trilogy characters for the first time, while also expanding its customization options well beyond those in LEGO Star Wars II, for millions more possibilities. Create cross-Trilogy amalgams like Han Dooku and Lando Amidala.
Levels from the original LEGO Star Wars are revamped to meet the new gameplay standards established in LEGO Star Wars II.
For the first time, every Prequel Trilogy character - even those without the Force - can build, as well as jump into and out of the vehicles they create.
Redesigned "Mos Espa Podrace" and "Gunship Cavalry" levels now encourage LEGO Star Wars II's free-roaming vehicle gameplay.
Replayability expands for Episodes I, II and III with bonus modes like Bounty Hunter (10 new missions) and Super Story.

Ive been after this for a while, it can be cheaper if you have a McDonalds voucher, I used a £1 off so £13.99 delivered which is cheaper than some 2nd hand ones on eBay !! It was out of stock when I ordered Thursday so it may be the case of get it while you can

Hope this helps someone !!

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my mistake, stupid find-games changed the console, play cheapest by 1.90

not bad


Play.com £14.99
ShopTo.Net £16.85
Tesco £21.20
PowerPlayDirect £21.99
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