WII - Mario&Sonic Olympic only £29.97 at Sainsburys instore

WII - Mario&Sonic Olympic only £29.97 at Sainsburys instore

Found 25th Feb 2008

after weeks of waiting I managed to buy the great Mario&Sonic at the Olympic for WII for this price.

Mybe not the cheapest (?) but in stock, at least at Sainsbury in Central Milton Keynes!


Yep picked up the same at Crayford, Kent


dont see whats so hot. Not really an amazing price. Poor game aswel from my short play until i sold it.

It IS a good price for this popular game - it is too new to expect it it be much cheaper.

It is an absolute killer on the arms tho

I posted this deal ages ago and somebody expired it for no reason....

About last november I bought the game at Sainsburys in crayford with 20% off which made it £23.50 . Brilliant game though.

Wii games are a rip off and hard to get a hold ! Clever marketing in my opinion, shame on them you buy a console and then you have to hunt for the games just because they are holding back production !

Tell you what I am so sick of games that are hard to get I will be chipping mine as soon as a D2C solution is out (well one I can do anyway) :whistling: Then I can have all the games in the world !

Thanks for posting the deal BTW rant over :w00t:

While this may be the cheapest price for this game and thus technically a "bargain", close to £30 for a 3rd rate game does not really constitute a bargain in the grand scheme of things.

Just your opinion of course, I actually enjoyed the game and the kids love it!
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