Wii Music - £5 instore @ WH Smith

Wii Music - £5 instore @ WH Smith

Found 21st Dec 2010Made hot 22nd Dec 2010
Brand new and reduced to clear in-store at WH Smith.
Had quite a few left in Croydon this afternoon...assume it's nationwide.


Is this game any good? I mean, will my kids be bored of it after a few days?

@Trudgeley... it's not technically a game as i understand the term. I mean, all you do is wiggle about on the spot and music kinda plays.

Sadly I'd say your kids would probably get bored after a half an hour or so

great price but poor game

£24.93 on line ?

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£24.93 on line ?

Yep, in-store only.
They had quite a few others like FIFA 09 on PS3 for £2, Football Manager 09 for PC for £2 as well.

had some at fosse park, leicester... i got mirror's edge(?) for £2 on ps3. thought it was worth a punt....

Thanks, will take a look in my local, will be interesting to see what else is on offer.

As stated before this isn't a "game" in the traditional sense. It is however well worth £5, and can be a lot of fun if multiple people get involved. Not Nintendo's finest hour, but 10 out of 10 for trying something different and new.
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